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Sanjay’s Foods is a family-owned and run company that has been locally producing fine Indian and Fijian cuisine enjoyed across British Columbia and Alberta since 1972. We take pride in our high quality and authentic food that has–and continues to be–taste tested and enjoyed everyday at the Sundar family dinner table. What began as a cherished family tradition in the kitchen has flourished and grown Sanjay’s Foods from a small catering service into a leading player in the Indian foodservice and retail industry along the West Coast.

Guy Sundar began Sanjay’s Foods with the sole pledge to provide his customers with exceptional products for a taste that will be remembered. For 45 years Sundar Indian foods has done just that. Years later, Sanjay Sundar son to Guy Sundar, carries his father’s and family legacy on.

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We believe that the kitchen is where memories are made, laughter is in excess, and life is lived through treasured recipes that span across generations. Here at Sanjay’s Foods we promise uncompromising quality, consistency and exceptional taste so you can enjoy the moments that truly matter.