Many Indian sweets are fried foods made from sugar, flours, milk, milk solids, dried fruits, and seeds. They are an integral part of Indian culture and are delicious to eat.  


Barfee. A dense milk fudge Indian sweet.

SKU# 6000

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun. An Indian version of a donut hole. Lightly dipped in a sweet syrup.

SKU# 6210

Laddoo Suji

Laddoo Suji. Round sweet semolina flavoured balls.

SKU# 6300

Lakdhi Mithai

Lakdhi Mithai. Crispy flour sticks coated with icing sugar.

SKU# 6315

Mixed Sweet Pack

Mixed Sweet Pack. Features a variety of Indian sweets. Great way to sample our mix.

SKU# 6320


Pedda is a creamy milk sweet made with cardamom.

SKU# 6985

Barfee/Pedda Mix

Barfee Pedda mixed pack of sweets. Barfee is a dense milk fudge. Pedda is a cardamom milk sweet.

SKU# 6986


Ghojia is a sweet pastry filled with coconut, almonds, and durum semolina.

SKU# 6215


Mixed pack of Barfee Laddoo. Barfee is a dense milk fudge. Laddoo is a ball-shaped sweet made from flour, minced dough, and sugar.

SKU# 6004